Handling the Legal Matters of the Clients

Building a real business relationship is vital for us to meeting the clients' needs. This means working as a team with the concerned officers and employees of the clients, winning their trust and confidence and getting to know their business in relevant details.

When handling any assignment from a client, we currently seek to clarify the following:  client' overall business targets/objectives;
 the precise source of instructions so that clear lines of communication can be   established;
 the role of the in-house legal department of the client;
 the level of information disclosure.

Establishing these minimal points at the outset enables us to undertake the assignment smoothly and efficiently.

We are committed to understanding of each sector on which we advise and take the time to discuss the latest developments, to share ideas and to maintain relevant contacts. Our goal is to develop a thorough understanding of the specific challenges our clients face - and to help them respond accordingly.

Last but not least, our commitment extends beyond the desire to render first class professional services for our clients. It is important for us that our clients should enjoy working with us, not only at partner level but at every level we provide a legal service.
Briefly, we seek to anticipate clients' needs, to work in a way that will satisfy our most demanding clients and, consequently, to ensure that our clients are prepared better than their competitors as far as the legal matters are concerned.

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