Main Fields of our Practice

Corporate Law, Business Contracting, Foreign Investment, Advertising and Marketing Law and International Trade stand at the core of our practice.

Legal services rendered within these complex fields cover the full range of commercial transactions for both private and public companies, including mergers, de-mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring, share transfers, variations of capital and joint ventures, company formations, opening of branches and other business units, getting the necessary authorisations, foundations and associations (including associations of manufacturers), attendance and advice during shareholders' meetings, as well as drafting of minutes, resolutions, addenda and other legal documentation required.

Members of our team gained valuable significant experience in drafting virtually any kind of business contracts and understandings for both foreign and domestic clients, including a wide variety of services agreements, complex sales agreements (wholesale, retail, key accounts), distributions and franchising, supply, transportation agreements, manufacturing, processing, marketing, media and advertising agreements, merchandising, sponsorships, research and development, asset transfers, technology transfer, financing, loan agreements, recognition of debts, concessions, leasing, construction, rental and free lease agreements, know - how, IT, training and consulting agreements etc.

In particular, legal assistance on marketing comprise advice and support for promotional campaigns launched by the clients, review and drafting of regulations for promotions, ensuring authentication and notary deposits for such regulations, as well as their registration with the Ministry of Finance and, where necessary, drafting and submission with the Ombudsman of the required notifications concerning protection of personal data.

Our expertise in Privatisation relies mainly on legal opinions, due diligence reports, assets and shares transfer agreements drafted, and qualified advice rendered, for specific transactions, both to foreign investors consortia and privatisation governmental institutions, agencies and other such instrumentality. It is worth mentioning that one of the members of our team was acting in the past as internal legal counsel for the former National Agency for Privatisation, Romanian Development Agency and, further on, for one of the Private Ownership Funds.

Competition Law is also a main focus of our practice.
Some of the members of our team, apart from holding degrees in EU Competition Law, are currently handling a wide range of Romanian Competition Law matters e.g. drafting appropriate legal opinions and memoranda on Competition Law impact for completion of various transactions and performing certain business activities, notifications seeking exemptions for exclusive distributions, exclusive purchasing agreements, franchising, as well as notifications for authorising economic concentrations. Legal assistance in this field supposes also submission of notifications and representation in front of the Competition Council.

Intellectual Property and Communications Law represents active fields of our practice. We advise on various copyright and neighbouring rights and trademarks legal issues, including filings with the State Office for Patents and Trademarks (O.S.I.M.) for documentary search and official requests for registration of trademarks for our clients. The firm's transactional intellectual property practice encompasses preparation and negotiation of commercial contracts and documentation addressing intellectual property issues within the normal course of business, as well as within mergers and take-overs. There is further on legal expertise in cable TV - systems acquisitions and also in radio and telecommunications areas.

In the field of Labour Law, we advice on any kind of employment legal issues, including review of employment contracts and, as the case may be, representation before the Courts for labour litigation.

We deal also with issues pertaining to Administrative Law, including representation in front of various authorities on behalf of our clients.

Real Estate legal matters represent also one of our concerns. We advice on purchase of various properties, including ownership title checks, we draft sale-purchase and rental agreements, and act for developers with regard to construction agreements, land concessions and real estate transactions.

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